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General Information for Parents and Players

Show Baseball is NOT a typical “club”, “academy" or “traveling” baseball program. Show Baseball is focused on preparing players to play baseball in college or the professional ranks.  While we certainly want the Show Baseball experience to be enjoyable we are primarily NOT about social or recreational baseball.  Players or parents who are concerned about “playing time” how many “at bats” they get, how many innings they pitch etc., will either need to change their attitude or they WILL BE very unhappy with our approach.  We believe that players learn a lot by being on the bench.  Every few months of age difference makes for big differences in maturation and ability to play, therefore younger players (younger than the maximum allowed for any age group) will in most cases spend significant time on the bench.  Travel costs are high for the events that we attend.  Players,parents and other spectators need to adopt the attitude that if they attend games they are doing so because they want to support or enjoy watching THE TEAM play.  If you are not willing to spend the money to travel, even if your favorite player never gets off the bench, DO NOT ATTEND because you WILL BE unhappy. 

Players are expected to make Show Baseball their baseball priority for the May-July time period.  Participation on other teams at the same time is highly discouraged. If you have issues with other teams talk to us and make advance arrangements or risk being “cut” from Show Baseball events.

Summer 2020

Needless to say the Covid-19 situation has impacted play.  The Four Corners event has been cancelled. If the parks open we are hoping to play the schedule below  in the Phoenix area.   We are planning on at least one each 18U and 16U teams. We will add teams as player participation warrants.  Age is determined by the player's age on April 30, 2020. Younger players can play up and there are a few other exceptions, e.g. a " Older" 2020 high school grad.

New players please email with roster information (see below) and a copy of your birth certificate.

Established  and new players please check in with this web site regularly for updated information. 

BNL Kino Tournament One 18U Team

No spectators allowed in the complex- Parking lot and outside fences allowed

Game #1 Kino Stadium 7 PM Friday July 10

Game #2 Kino #5 8 AM Saturday July 11

Game #3 Kino Stadium 4:15pm July 11

Additional Game(s) Sunday July 12 TBD

August dates to be determined


This is the most important event for those wanting to play college baseball, bar none. We highly recommend that players and families spend no time. money or effort on any college recruiting program, event, showcase, camp, counseling service, video promo, online raz ma tazz no matter how it is termed, who is offerring the service, how many rave reviews you hear and no matter the suppossed benefits.  While some player some where may have been aided by these various schemes we are unaware of anyone benefiting from any of these ideas which are money makers for the service provider, but in our experience provide little if any benefit to the player.  If you want to play college baseball attend the Senior Classic, it is that simple.  Juniors and Seniors should attend. 

 The “games” do not involve scorekeeping, each team bats 5 hitters, then the “inning ends”.  Do NOT focus on Playing time or typical perfomance details (hits, strikeouts, RBI’s etc.) in this event, college (and professional scouts) are looking for attitude, hustle, and quality play, which is not the same as typical “stats”.  A line drive that is caught by the third baseman and the batter runs home to first hard and fast is much more impressive than a blooper into left field where the batter jogs to first safely. A player who shows well in a short burst in front of interested scouts, should and probably will sit down for a while in order to leave a good impression.  

The Senior Classic is a major fundraiser for Show Baseball. The cost for 2020 for players who played with Show Baseball in the summer of 2020 will be $350. For those who did not play with Show Baseball in the summer of 2020 the cost is $400.  We have a limited number of spots for “outside” players.  

ALL PLAYERS must email roster information and make payment ASAP. See below for roster info and payment info. Show Baseball will provide uniform shirts and hats for players. Additional hats are $25.  We provide one hat per year with the standard fees. We will hold a Senior Classic spot for players who played in the summer of 2020 until September 1,2020.  Summer 20 players who have not provided roster information and made payment (or made payment arrangements) prior to September 1, 2020 may not have a spot as we will sell spots on a first come first served basis to outsiders beginning September 2, 2020.  If you did not play with Show Baseball in the Summer of 2020 send in your roster information and payment ASAP.  New/Outside player spots will be first come first served to the limit of players by position. If you pay and we are full we will issue a prompt 100% refund. If we commit to a spot for you and you back out, if we cannot sell your spot you will forfeit the fees paid, if we can sell your spot we will issue a refund. 


The All Academic Game (and tryouts) takes place at the same time as the Senior Fall Classic, registration for this event is on an individual basis and has nothing to do with Show Baseball. If you have strong academic credentials you should sign up for this event.  Go to under the “2020 Events”  tab and chose Senior All-Academic Game for details.  Spots for this event are limited and fill quickly so do it today.

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                                                          Fees and Costs

 All players are responsible for their own costs of transportation, travel and personal equipment. Show Baseball will provide uniform shirts and hats. 

THERE IS NO LINK to pay Show Baseball fees online, simply mail a check, deliver cash or email credit card information. Card number, expiration date, CVV Code (“Secret 3 numbers” ) the name on the card, the billing address Zip code and an email address to receive a receipt. Our servers are very secure and we destroy all credit card numbers immediately after each use. 


ROSTER INFO:  ALL PLAYERS please email in September and May each year the following information:  Player Name, Parent Name(s), Player Cell Phone, Parent Phone, Player email, Parent email, mailing address, High School, High School Graduation Year, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, Grade Point Average, SAT and or ACT test scores, Position(s) you can play in college, Batting side(s) and throwing side(s) 

THERE IS NO LINK to “register” for Show Baseball on line, simply email the roster information, AND a copy of the player’s birth certificate. 

All emails to:  Snail Mail: POB 2401, Tubac, AZ 85646


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